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Some Points on Keeping Your Electric Gate Safe and Secure

08/27/2015 Back To Blog

When you had your electric gate installed you most likely had the safety and security of your home, family or office in mind. But a neglected system can cause complications for your concerns or even worse, can cause accidental damages to vehicles and property. Keeping a casual eye on the condition of certain parts of your entrance system is good practice in ensuring that your gate keeps doing its job, and doesn’t cause you any unnecessary hassles.Some Points on Keeping Your Electric Gate Safe and Secure

1. The gate and its parts

It’s necessary to ensure that things like sliding gate wheels, hinges and brackets show no signs of impending damage or decay. Worn wheels will cause the gate to be easily slid off the track, leaving a gap in your personal security. A damaged hinge or bracket could cause the gate to fall, possibly causing serious damage to property in the process.

2. The gate electronics

Be sure that the gate’s accompanying accessories are in good condition. You don’t want your solid sliding gate to be of no use because your maverick receiver opens it at random, now do you?

The proper functioning of receivers and things like gate safety sensors should definitely not be neglected. You should probably look at getting them fixed at the first sign of trouble, since the day you realize they are not working could be the day your car gets dented.

With just a bit of effort, you can easily maintain the sense of security given to you by your electric gate. This will also help delay the intervals between needed repairs, but above all it will consistently sustain the security of your property, instead of becoming an instrument of disaster itself. So if you have an automatic opener, perhaps you should go outside now and inspect it, if you haven’t done so in a while.

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