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Check our testimonials page to see what our previous customers say about the gate service that they received from us. These are unsolicited feedback and reviews that they sent on their own to let us know about their experience. Find out more about it by reading their testimonials.

Driveway Gate Track & Rollers Replacement Services

Great gate hinge welding service

“We were trying to figure out why our gate wouldn't move right and my husband discovered that the welding of the swing gate hinges was kind of ruined. This could explain the problem but still we had to find a professional to fix it. Our friendly neighbor encouraged us to call Gate Repair La Habra. The technician was great and quickly came to repair our hinge welding. He made sure the gate was adjusted and that it closed properly. Awesome work indeed!

Fixed our swing gate immediately

“We had no idea whether our gate's problem was serious or not, but it made a particular noise and wouldn't close all the way. A good professional was in need and your company was recommended by a couple of friends. We were very happy with the service! The technician arrived at our home equipped, ready to fix the gate, on time and was also very friendly. He assured us that the only thing we needed was gate adjustment and we shouldn't worry about it. He took care of everything and we loved his attitude.”

Perfect Sliding Gate Repair

"After a quick online search, I called this company to fix my gate motor as my unit did not work. A technician arrived shortly after my call and ran very careful inspection and some tests. He was quick to find the cause of the problem. The gate safety sensors stopped working. He replaced them with new ones which matched the opener but were more advanced. I was impressed with how swiftly he worked. After the sensors were in place, he tested the whole system again to confirm that it was operating properly. Now I have peace of mind about its safety. I had never used a more comprehensive service than the one of Gate Repair La Habra. I liked how quick it was as well."

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