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Seize the opportunity to learn more about gates and their proper functioning, safety, and security. Read the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions in our professional industry directly on this dedicated web page. It is time to discover surprising facts and highly valuable information which will be of tremendous use to you.

Rolling Gate Installation, Inspection & Maintenance Services

Do gate openers have backup batteries?

Most new age residential gate openers do integrate backup batteries, but not all models. So, you can make your choice. Our specialists suggest openers with batteries, which will be very useful during times of power outage. It's important to check that the battery is charging properly in the meantime and replace it every few years.

Are some gate types safer than others?

The safety of the gate depends on its opener and its safety features, the frequency of its maintenance and whether you fix damaged parts when you should have. As for the gate types, they are all safe these days as long as you follow the rules mentioned here. If you don't, any one of them can cause damage to your car or, worse, injuries.

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