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Gate Repair Services

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More often than not, problems with gates stem from a mechanical or electrical issue. And it pays to have trained gate repair technicians to give your gate a thorough assessment so that the root cause of its problems can be identified and solved. “Gate Repair La Habra” has a pool of highly qualified technicians with the experience and knowledge to handle different concerns with gates, motors, even intercom systems and other security accessories.

Gate Repair Services

Help With Common Gate Problems and More

Motors are meant to make opening and closing gates easy no matter how big the gates are. An automatic swinging gate that is difficult to open with your opener or even by hand would need immediate repair. Let our technicians do a thorough assessment of your posts, hinges and motor to zero in on the actual cause of the problem. If your gate post is weak, we can carry out post repair that meets safety standards. If your operator often breaks down, replacing the motor with the power that matches your gate’s size is a service we can do for you.

Solid sliding gates that do not fully open is another common problem. There are different possible causes of this problem that may be difficult to correctly identify by the inexperienced. We have technicians who are thorough in their diagnosis. They will check the gate, its racks, tracks and rollers as well as the area surrounding it to determine what triggers the problem. An untrained eye will not see huge tree roots running towards or under the track as a possible cause of the problem but our experienced technicians have a careful eye that notes elements in the surroundings that may cause problems.

Gates that do not open and close well are a threat to your security. This is usually caused by imbalances. Our technicians can take care of issues with swing gate hinges and pins. We perform the necessary procedures to tighten hardware and adjust driveway gate parts like brackets, rollers and tracks if necessary.

Problems with electronic components can also lead to a lot of inconveniences. Our field technicians are updated on the latest electronic components in control or electronic circuit boxes and even your Multicode remote. They are skilled and knowledgeable in troubleshooting issues with these components.

Our years in the business have honed our skills and upgraded our knowledge in gate repair services that answer all our clients’ needs at a level of competence that meets or exceeds their expectations. If you are bothered by a malfunctioning gate, lose no time. Call Gate Repair La Habra now. There might be a special offer in store for you.

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